Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ends Are Nothing More Than New Beginnings (part 2)

So maybe I'm not the best blogger, but oh well.  I usually decide to write when the Spirit of God is telling me that I need to tell my story to others.  So where were we... oh that's right!

Most people would agree that it always seems like something terrible has to happen when everything seems to be going perfect.  Second semester of my sophomore year comes around, and this is the semester that will challenge me the most.  For those in Air Force ROTC, the second semester sophomore year is the hardest because it is Field Training Preparation semester.  this is the semester where the training is vamped up to a whole new level.  You have all the training officers getting in your face and stressing you out, trying to take your wits end and beyond.  This semester is the most important because at the end you find out if you get an enrollment allocation to go to Air Force Field Training.  In order to continue in the program and commission in the Air Force, you have to go through field training so as you can imagine everyone wants to do their best in FTP.

Through this training I pushed myself harder than I ever had before both physically and mentally.  I began feeling like this was where I belonged, that this was the path that I was meant to take.  Of course I had my second brothers there to guide me along, Nick and DaVonte.  Finally the day came to find out who got enrollment allocations and who did not.  Tensions were high that day and I was pretty nervous myself.  When I was told I could go to the detachment and find out whether I made it or not, my first thought was to run straight there, but I knew I needed to prepare myself.  At that moment I had a revelation that I may not receive one, and as I thought about it, I sat down and prayed.  I prayed like Jesus did just before he went to the cross.  I prayed that I would get an EA, and go to field training, however I knew that it was not my will but His will. So I prayed that His will be done, that whatever happens I know my Father has control and I asked Him to hold my hand when I get the news so that I may have strength.

After my prayer I walked calmly to the detachment and waited in line.  When I was called back to the Major's office I was shaking more than I ever had before, and braced myself for the news.  He looked me straight in the eyes and said, "I'm sorry Trever, but you did not receive an enrollment allocation..."  I clenched preparing myself to try and hold back tears, but they never came.  I felt no sadness nor remorse, but just acceptance.  I had already made my peace with God when I had prayed.  When I prayed I received my answer that I was looking for and so when the Major gave me the news, it was no surprise.  I smiled at him, shook his hand, and said, "Thank you very much for all that you have done," and left with no sadness on my heart, but pride that I did my best and the rest was in my Father's hands.

When I got back to the lobby I knew my work was not yet finished.  As I reached the lobby I had my head held high with a smile on my face. My friends surrounded me and as I told them the news they began to sympathize, but I said, "do not feel sorry, what's done is done, and now we just have to keep moving forward."  I continued to stay around comforting my friends as they went to find out their fates.  The strength that God had lent to me I shared with my friends that I had grown so close to over the past two years.  I was one of the few who left without tears in my eyes after hearing that unfortunate news and I give all credit to God!

It's funny how narrow our vision is compared to the grand scheme of things that only He can see.  What I did not realize is that God had just freed up my schedule so I may devote more time to Him, and spreading his Word!  Now I continue to become more of a Leader in Christ, and I continue to go to Bible study to learn more and more about the Word.  Through my mentor Nick, Christ has allowed me to learn so much about Him and God.  I have begun to have the strength to teach God's Word at Bible study, and each day my eyes are open wider and wider by His light.  The amount of joy in my and passion in my heart for God burns brighter than all  the stars in the universe combined.  It is this passion, granted to me by my Father, that fuels me to teach his word from the Bible.

So what do you say, will you join me in glorifying Jesus and our Father?